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Official Eyemobile By-Laws
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Eyemobile By-Laws

Most recent version of the official Lions District 33K Eyemobile, Inc. By-Laws. (Revised March 18, 2014)

   Download By Laws (PDF 80Kb)

Eyemobile Policy Manual

Current version of the official Lions District 33K Eyemobile, Inc. Policy Manual (updated June 17, 2013).

   Download Policy Manual (PDF 359Kb)

Eyemobile Procedure Manual

Current version of the official Lions District 33K Eyemobile, Inc. Procedure Manual (updated June 17, 2013).

   Download Procedure Manual (PDF 317Kb)

Searching for a Few Good People

Do you have what it takes to serve on the Board of Directors? Read the Director job description and if you are interested follow the steps outlined (updated Dec 2014).

   Download Join the Board (PDF 149Kb)

Eyemobile Authorized Drivers

List of members who are authorized to drive the 33K Eyemobile. Includes driver contact details (updated 29 Apr 2018).

   Download Authorized Drivers List (PDF 249Kb)

Eyemobile Manual

Contains Brochures, literature, rules on fundraising, marketing information, scheduling information, etc.

   Download Eyemobile Manual (PDF 69Kb)

Appendix to Eyemobile Manual

Contains important user information regarding Eyemobile equipment.

   Download Appendix (PDF 1Mb)

Eyemobile Driver’s Manual

Instruction manual for drivers. Contains important information if you plan to drive the Eyemobile (updated October 2005).

   Download Driver’s Manual (PDF 36Kb)

Support Your Eyemobile

We need your help to keep the Eyemobile in good working order. Please see this letter from the Eyemobile Board of Directors.

   Download Board’s Letter (PDF 141Kb)

Eyemobile PR Materials

These materials have been created by your Eyemobile Board of Directors. Please feel free to use them!

a) Eye Screening poster

  View Eye Screening poster in the window above

   Download Eye Screening poster (Word 32Kb)

b) Eyeglass Collection poster

  View Eyeglass Collection poster in the window above

   Download Eyeglass Collection poster (Word 38Kb)